Tutorial 74: 3D Book

Joe Clay | Jun 9, 2017

This week we go over a really quick technique Sev made to make a 3D-ish book in After Effects. This could probably also be combined with some sort of warp or distort effect to get a book that lays open. There are some collisions in the project file (where a page goes through another) but at most framerates, you'll never notice it. If you have an issue with it, either add frames in between each move until it's perfect, push each layer farther back in 3D space (modify the expression on position), add 2D layers in between the 3D layers so they can't interact, or precomp the pages with their moves and then comp them together.

We hope this helps you guys! Thanks for watching!

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Feel free to download the project file that you can use in your own projects!