Joe Clay | Dec 30, 2016

I've just finished uploading a whole lot of changes to the site, after changing a lot of things around. Now, most of the site uses Markdown thankfully so that I can update things quickly. Even better, I can have someone help me update things without them needing to know any sort of coding. Side note, check out Caret if you're using Markdown. It's a pretty awesome little editor.

I wish I had made that change sooner, especially for blog pages. It makes articles easier to work on, without having to have the code in my face. It's been somewhat of a dream of mine to get all my websites running Markdown ever since I discovered it years ago (like in 2004 when John Gruber invented it...) but sometimes I move slow. I've always coded these custom PHP solutions for myself that I'm just used to messing with. Now I've got all of that where it belongs, in the backend, with Markdown running over top of it. And I've made some clever little tweaks to make all of this easier to maintain. Or at least they're tricks I think are clever!

I've also rearranged a couple of the sections. Freebies have been merged with the blog, so that everything is together in the blog section but freebies have their own section as well so new people can just come in and grab everything, and our hopefully faithful followers can stay updated on the blog. I also have scheduled updates for certain things. If I have fresh content in the queue, it'll appear at 11am Eastern Time. Set your watches.

Because of the changes and a lot of the code being new, there might be bugs. So if you see anything strange, let me know. My test server isn't an exact copy of the live server, so certain things might be completely broken on the live server and I might not notice. For example I had to fix a couple of the download links because the live server cares about case, and my local apache setup doesn't. One day I'll fix that.

The best news I have is that this makes the blog a LOT easier to update. So, as projects allow, expect a little more content each week. And don't forget to check out our latest tutorial #51 Flavor Text!

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