The Bug that Keeps on Giving

Joe Clay | Jun 7, 2017


So I found another excellent reason to use this helpful tip that I wrote about last week. Remember that pesky bug that I keep mentioning that really annoys me? You know, the one where you try to save a preset in After Effects 2017 and it wants to save it in the 2015 location? Well it turns out that must be incorrect in the API too because that's also the location FX Console searches for your presets. I saved over a preset in my 2017 User Presets folder, but FX Console kept going to the 2015 version. So it must use a path provided by the API that is also incorrect.

So I symlinked my Dropbox User Presets folder over the 2015 folder and it still failed. I restarted AE and it worked. So either FX Console doesn't refresh or maybe it relies on AE refreshing the presets. And of course AE refreshes the correct 2017 User Presets folder, it just doesn't want to save to it. So if you rely on FX Console to quickly apply animation presets, be aware of this. And if you save a new preset, restart AE and make sure a copy is in the 2015 User Presets path too. Bummer.

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