Sweat Equity Podcast Appearance

Joe Clay | Jan 12, 2018

Yesterday, I had a blast hanging out with the dudes of Tocobaga Consulting (aka TocoWorks) and 208 Monkeys for a little bit to talk shop! We talked about the origin of Workbench, why you shouldn't use tutorials in your reel, advice for people in the industry, and a whole lot more. There's some hilarious NSFW bits in there, so if you work in an office that's lame, throw on some headphones!

If you're curious, Law and I went to high school together. That's not really what led to this appearance, but it's interesting information. We were even on the track team. Before I was 30 pounds overweight! Here's another odd piece of trivia—a few months ago I weighed almost 100 pounds over what I weighed back then. Insane. Anyway, check it out and have a great weekend!

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