Layer Inputs

Joe Clay | Feb 4, 2018

Whenever I'm experimenting in After Effects, I'm often trying to use a map layer to drive some effect. Of course I always have old standbys like Displacement Map, but there's a bunch of other effects that take a layer input and spit something out. So I decided to make a list of all built-in effects that take a layer input—including those that don't fit this purpose—so that I can have a reference of alternate effects to audition. Hopefully you'll find this helpful as well!

One day I might turn this into a searchable reference for all standard effects. The only issue is that sometimes similar controls fall under different names. But for now, here's an easy to read list.

3D Channel

  • Fog 3D

Blur & Sharpen

  • Camera Lens Blur
  • CC Vector Blur
  • Compound Blur


  • Blend
  • Calculations
  • Channel Combiner
  • Compound Arithmetic
  • Set Channels
  • Set Matte

Color Correction

  • Color Link
  • Colorama


  • CC Page Turn
  • Displacement Map

Expression Controls

  • Layer Control


  • Audio Spectrum
  • Audio Waveform
  • Radio Waves
  • Vegas


  • Difference Matte

Noise & Grain

  • Match Grain


  • 3D Glasses
  • CC Environment


  • Card Dance
  • Caustics
  • CC Particle World
  • Particle Playground
  • Shatter
  • Wave World


  • CC Glass
  • CC Mr. Smoothie
  • CC Plastic
  • Texturize


  • Timecode


  • Time Difference
  • Time Displacement
  • Timewarp


  • Card Wipe
  • CC Glass Wipe
  • CC Image Wipe
  • CC Twister
  • CC WarpoMatic
  • Gradient Wipe

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