Layer Inputs

Joe Clay | Feb 4, 2018

Whenever I'm experimenting in After Effects, I'm often trying to use a map layer to drive some effect. Of course I always have old standbys like Displacement Map, but there's a bunch of other effects that take a layer input and spit something out. So I decided to make a list of all built-in effects that take a layer input—including those that don't fit this purpose—so that I can have a reference of alternate effects to audition. Hopefully you'll find this helpful as well!

One day I might turn this into a searchable reference for all standard effects. The only issue is that sometimes similar controls fall under different names. But for now, here's an easy to read list.

3D Channel

Fog 3D

Blur & Sharpen

Camera Lens Blur CC Vector Blur Compound Blur


Blend Calculations Channel Combiner Compound Arithmetic Set Channels Set Matte

Color Correction

Color Link Colorama


CC Page Turn Displacement Map

Expression Controls

Layer Control


Audio Spectrum Audio Waveform Radio Waves Vegas


Difference Matte

Noise & Grain

Match Grain


3D Glasses CC Environment


Card Dance Caustics CC Particle World Particle Playground Shatter Wave World


CC Glass CC Mr. Smoothie CC Plastic Texturize




Time Difference Time Displacement Timewarp


Card Wipe CC Glass Wipe CC Image Wipe CC Twister CC WarpoMatic Gradient Wipe

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