Ukramedia Podcast

Joe Clay | Jul 12, 2018

Sadly, I'm a little late to post this, but I've been trying to hit some deadlines this week. If you can't tell by the graphic above, I was a guest on the Ukramedia Podcast! It was an incredible honor. I can't stress enough how good this podcast is. But I'm going to try because whatever their numbers are, they're too low.

I hate that I have to disclaim this, but I was not paid to say this. None of these links are affiliate links. And it wasn't a condition of being a guest. Other than me telling Vladimir that I was going to write something, they have no idea I'm even doing this. I just think that they're fantastic and their podcast is fantastic too. I had seen their tutorials on my jaunts through YouTube but I hadn't heard their podcast. So when they asked me to talk with them I checked it out, and it's great! It's also amazing how good it is with only 23 episodes so far. I feel like most podcasts take much longer to find a groove if ever.

If you don't know, Vladimir and Sergei are twins running Ukramedia. Sergei has made tutorials for years in a similar fashion to my own—short and to the point—but they've also started some more natural, unedited tutorials that are also excellent. They've also come out with an expressions course as well.

Vladimir is the host of the podcast. And he's such a good interviewer. While he starts off with a similar set of questions, it is crazy how different each podcast is. Vladimir brings his own experiences out and builds a great rapport with his guests so it's not just a one-sided conversation. But he also knows when to get out of the way to let the story unfold.

Unlike a lot of other podcasts, Vladimir gets excellent, actionable information out of the guests so you're not left wondering what steps you can take to better yourself. I'm going through all of their podcasts now and I don't think there's one that has failed to teach me something, give me an idea, or show me a new perspective that will help me to improve upon my goals.

Aside from that, I just love their story. You can hear it in Episode 1 of the Ukramedia Podcast and there's also an excellent interview with Sergei on the School of Motion Podcast. It's an amazing tale of how they arrived in the United States as twelve-year-old refugees from a dissolved Soviet Union. The friendships they forged, even while only beginning to learn English, led to the brothers taking a path into motion and design-related fields. And the help they gained through others led to them helping others today. That's all I'm going to summarize because it's much better if you just listen to the podcast. So go do that already. If you've spent time reading to this point instead of listening to their podcast, you're doing it wrong.

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