Joe Clay | Nov 15, 2019

Right before a huge shoot + edit project this year, we started working with Wipster to see if it was something we'd like to promote. We used it quite extensively for that project alone. And I mean quite extensively. There were a few shorter edits, and then there were a bunch of 40+ minute videos. We went through a few versions with a globally distributed team before delivering the finals, which they grabbed right out of Wipster when we finished. It went so smoothly because of Wipster.

But the best part is that instead of getting timecode back and having to go into our timeline to find each note, our client could add their notes as usual and we could bring them up through a well-built panel inside of Premiere. Notes come in as markers so you can see exactly where you need to fix things. And it's not just limited to Premiere either. There's a panel for AE as well.

The panels have checklists that count down so you don't miss a note. You can even upload right from the panels without having to login on the site—and that means you don't have to go looking for your files either. It's slick.

I noticed we also tended to get more specific feedback because people can label things right on screen. They're not wasting 3 sentences describing what's on screen to you before even telling you what they want changed. This is especially handy for motion design since things can move pretty quickly on screen. I don't know how we survived so long without it.

You can also use Wipster for non-client work. Wipster would be great for internal use, or if you have external people that need to preview a video before it goes live—like a promotion, or even legal/compliance reviews.

If we had done that project without Wipster, we'd still be looking at timecode. If Wipster sounds helpful, guess what? You can sign up for a free 5GB plan using our link!

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