Monthly Files - September 2020

Joe Clay | Oct 5, 2020

Photo by Ben on Unsplash (screen replaced by Workbench)

While we offer our monthly files on Patreon, you can also find them on our Gumroad store if you don't want to deal with Patreon. There are some useful things in our monthly files, so I'm going to make more of an effort to explain what's in them each month as we move forward.

September's files contain C4D setups for randomized linear fields, coloring parametric objects using fields, arranging clones using a shader, and sticking particles to specific areas on an object. There are After Effects setups for making an old school dithered Gameboy style, and a pseudo-effect (and preset) for numbering that is regionalized and can handle currency, integers, decimals, and percentages. It goes to just under 10 trillion—positive and negative—so you shouldn't have any issues animating to whatever number you want. There are also setups in C4D and AE for making branching lines with shapes traveling along them and setups for fingerprint scanning.

In the past we've offered a ton of things as well. So check out our Gumroad store and follow us there for update notifications if you're interested.

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