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Joe Clay | Sep 3, 2021

We've completely revamped our Patreon account. Pretty much everything we've ever posted for patrons is now available for the $5 tier. This includes every project file back to when we started offering project files for sale. It basically includes all of the elements we've built almost monthly since about 2018.

Why we've made this change

Since we started our Patreon account, we offered monthly content that would expire after the month was out. We felt that was the most fair way to offer everything, especially for the higher tiers we used to have. If you're paying $30 per month to us and then 6 months later someone else comes along and gets everything you paid for, we didn't feel like that was fair.

That led to a ton of questions about what was available when new people joined. When people go to our Patreon page it says something like, "By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 170 exclusive posts." Most creators on Patreon post stuff and leave it up forever. We didn't.

Over time, we thinned out our tiers and offered everything for a lower price, but it was still monthly. That way more people could afford it and access it. Our opinion started to change as we got more new patrons and sometimes things that we build work well with some of the older stuff that wasn't available.

So we asked our patrons, and overwhelmingly the answer was to open it all up to share with the community. So, from here on out $5 gets you everything whether you stick with us longer than a month or not. There's about 43GB of content in just the monthly files. Many of those files are small setups. And that doesn't even count the tutorial project files.

We think you'll be happy with what we have available, and the more patrons we have, the more content we can make to make it even better! If you're already a patron, thank you! And if you're not, thank you for taking the time to read this!

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