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Joe Clay | Jul 21, 2016

Updated 10/19/17 for CC 2018!

Happy Thursday! I saw that the excellent Zack Lovatt had posted some icons for those of us who keep multiple versions of After Effects around for one reason or another. Having multiple versions can be a pain when you're in your file system or looking at icons on your dock. Zack created a set for Windows users but he didn't have a way to make them for Mac, so since I use a Mac I built the larger icons, and asked him for permission to upload his small versions in the Mac set. You can get them here.

Icon example

To change your AE icon:

  1. Find the After Effects app whose icon you want to change
  2. Find the corresponding AE .icns file for that version
  3. Hit Command + i or right click and select 'Get Info'
  4. Drag the .icns file to the icon preview in the top left

You might have to click the icon in your dock, or possibly remove it and replace it to get it to refresh.

If you want to restore the original icon:

  1. Go to the After Effects app whose icon you want to restore
  2. Hit Command + i or right click and select 'Get Info'
  3. In the window that opens, select the icon in the top left and hit Command + x or Edit > Cut to restore the icon

The download includes all of the files required to make the icons, including Zack's original files. There's also an AE project that the rest of the icons were built in if you'd like to make your own. I used Icon Composer 2x by Lemon Mojo to assemble the .icns files. It's awesome, super-easy, and free.

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