Scale Comps

Joe Clay | Apr 14, 2019

Scale Comps

What is Scale Comps?

Scale comps is a script based on the Scale Composition.jsx script that ships with After Effects. The original script is great but it only works on the current comp, so I rebuilt it so that it can be used on multiple comps.

The original script uses nulls to scale items in the comps. It removes those nulls, but it only removes them from the comp, not the solids folder. My version removes the nulls completely and if you didn't have any solids in your project, it removes the solids folder it makes too.

This version is also wrapped in an anonymous function so it won't conflict with any other scripts in After Effects. And Scale Comps works great with KBar too!

Where do I get it?

You can get it right here. It's available for whatever price you want to pay. As I'm modifying an existing script, any profits only support the additional functionality I've built in. Also, this script is not locked in any fashion, so feel free to check it out and see how it's built. I hope it helps you out. It's already saved me a ton of time on a project.

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