Normalize Track

Joe Clay | May 28, 2020

You ever track a camera in After Effects and find that the scene scale is stupidly large or ridiculously small? Well, thanks to Daniel Hashimoto—you might know him as Action Movie Dad—we have a technique to normalize tracks so that you can drop in elements, pop on that 3D switch and not have your elements push out to infinity or beyond. And thanks to Aharon Rabinowitz for connecting us, we now have a script that does it automatically.

I'm really happy that I was able to help out on this because there's nothing I like more than building something that can save other artists time. And being able to do that with two amazing and down-to-earth people like Hashi and Aharon who just love this craft and freely share their knowledge was a superlative experience. But nothing compares to the video. Sev and I almost died laughing when we saw the preview!

Watch that above and then grab the free script over at Element Supply Co.

Normalize Track

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