Support Workbench

Thank you for even coming to this page. It means a lot to us. If you'd like to help support or thank us for helping you out, here's a good list of ways you can do that. Some have asked for alternates ways to help support us, so here's a list of everything we have set up.


If you'd like to join our Patreon, we have various tiers available. Each has their own associated rewards. We try to give our Patrons access to things they wouldn't normally get, or early-access to things that may or may not become available in the future. You can check out our Patreon here.

Become a Patron!


We've just set up an account over at Ko-fi. It's a pretty cool Patreon alternative that also allows for one time contributions, as well as subscription based content. We currently are only set up to do one time contributions, but we will offering the same content we have on Patreon on Ko-Fi this month. Check out Ko-fi.


For one time contributions, PayPal is also a great way to go. This is set up with our business account, Yellow Dog Party. So if you make a payment there, you might see that name instead of Workbench. Contribute via PayPal.

Grab something from our Store

Or course, one of the best ways you can support us is by also helping yourself out. Check out our products. They're designed to save you tons of time so you can focus on making cool work, instead of laboriously setting things all up. Go to our store!

Grab something from our Affiliates

If it's listed below, it's something we personally use and recommend. Supporting them, supports us!

Aleksey's character rigs are fantastic, well-built, and easy to use. Check them out!

Artlist is an excellent resource for music. There's a lot of quality music on there and they've expanded the library substantially. Have a listen!

Artgrid has some excellent stock footage that doesn't feel like stock. Their library feels a lot more curated than most. Just look at these frames! Get some footage!

YouTube Membership

And finally it's unfortunate, but at this time YouTube hasn't enabled memberships on our account yet. When they do, this will be another avenue to support us!