Tutorial 02: Radial Delay

Joe Clay | Feb 4, 2016

Here's an expression I came up with to delay layers based on their distance from the center. This causes a delay to ripple through the layers in a comp. The concept behind the expression and the expression below are explained in the tutorial video. I've also made a script that will sequence the layers using a similar bit of math. It renders quicker than the expression. Check it out as well—Radial Delay Script.

//Apply to Time Remap
pos = transform.position;
delay = -1; //in seconds
x = Math.pow(pos[0]-960,2);
y = Math.pow(pos[1]-540,2);
d = Math.sqrt(x+y);
value + linear(d,0,1102,0,delay);

To change the delay to frames instead of seconds use this:

delay = -10*thisComp.frameDuration;

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