Tutorial 77: Glitchy Dot LED Thing

Joe Clay | Jun 30, 2017

This week we take a look at making some quick LED-style dots that can be used in a variety of ways—from just making an LED look, to making random dots for background elements. There's a couple of useful tips thrown about in there, like how to break your comps up into even squares and an expression for staccato movement. It's altered a little below with notes in case you need more guidance.

f = 3; //number of frames for each evolution step
e = 20; //degrees to evolve each step
t = Math.floor(time/thisComp.frameDuration/f);

If your Grid isn't lining up, set Anchor in the Grid Effect to 0,0. With certain values it seems to not line up for some reason.

If you need a refresher on how the displacement map calculations work, check out out Tutorial 67: Glitch Mapping. And don't forget to check out JSplacement!

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