Tutorial 98: Flocking

Joe Clay | Nov 24, 2017

After talking with Paul Conigliaro (aka @conigs) about how Tutorial 95: Fluid Motion was similar to flocking, I decided to go a little bit more in depth on the subject because it's a pretty interesting subject—and one I've been interested in since Processing first came out and I discovered the amazing work of Robert Hodgin (aka Flight 404 back in the day). Sadly, it no longer looks like his blog is up, but it used to have a bunch of great stuff on it. I might have to archive.org that one.

Anyway, being able to create a decently complex flocking system in After Effects with pretty minimal effort was surprising. It can get way more complex of course. I'm going to take a little time—when I can find some—to see how I can add the complexity of movement without bogging the code down. I think I can improve upon this, and I hope you will attempt it too!

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