Tutorial 114: Audio-Based Glitch Maps

Joe Clay | Mar 9, 2018

This is the follow-up to my blog post about The Nugget where I talked about Andrew Kramer's latest Video Copilot glitch tutorial. He had a lot of great stuff to offer in that one, so check it out! But one thing I found really interesting was a texture.

This texture reminded me a lot of an audio spectrum analyzer like the one in certain modes in Adobe Audition. And that gave me a thought. Sure, you could always control your glitches with audio, but why not make the actual displacement maps starting out with a visual representation of an audio track? So that's what we're exploring this week.

These are very simple examples. Like many of our tutorials, the possibility for extending this technique is only limited by your imagination. This can be taken way further than what I had time to explore for a few hours this week. So as always, if you make anything with this technique, tag us @workbench_tv!

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