Tutorial 116: Filming Elements

Joe Clay | Mar 23, 2018

This week, we look at using filmed elements to get some free animation. Get someone to drive you around and film out of the windows. Bring the footage into AE and mirror it, crush it with some levels, and just have fun an experiment to see what interesting things you can do with it. Even the footage alone looks interesting. Horizontally reflected skylines have even been used in music videos.

We're switching up out project files, as noted on this post about Improvements. So this one is available through our Gumroad store. If you're a patron, there's a link there on Patreon for you to get it. This project file contains the After Effects project and four stabilized 4096x1920 h.264 clips. The edges of the clips show in some cases due to the stabilization, but there's more than enough for a full HD crop. Unfortunately, I didn't think about h.264 resolution limitations so shooting this in 4.5K vs 4K HD meant a little bit of vertical resolution loss (1920 vs. 2160).

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