Tutorial 131: Generative Elements

Joe Clay | Jul 6, 2018

This week, we take a look at a way to build elements out of simple comps in order to build generative elements that can be used in other designs.

We also mentioned our script, StackIt, which is useful for building up grids of elements.


For the circuit built with Particle Playground, you'd use this expression with the Random Seed Master Property from Fractal Noise:


And for the circuit built with Form, you'd use this expression with the Random Seed Master Property:

f = time/thisComp.frameDuration;
seedRandom(index, true);
(Math.floor(f/3)*10) + random(100);

If you want them to be more different from each other, you can increase the value inside of random() on the last line. You can probably also use timeToFrames() and posterizeTime() but I think this is easier.

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