Tutorial 148: Tech Backgrounds

Joe Clay | Nov 2, 2018

This week, we explore using screen captures to build tech backgrounds by treating them with effects like CC Kernel. This allows us to take a traditional UI and get edges of different elements so that we strip away the actual UI and are left with a sort of structure rather than the UI itself.

As always, if you use any copyrighted material, you need to make sure that it's no longer recognizable. By converting things into partial edges, we can convert such structured layouts into techy backgrounds without misrepresenting the original content. Our intent is to take our input and convert it to a completely different output.

Of course there are many ways to do this, this is only about the idea of taking these screenshots and converting them for our uses.

Grab the Project Files

Get the project file through our Gumroad Store. This project file contains all of the elements necessary to build the example backgrounds shown in the tutorial. It also contains 3 C4D files with the setup for the cloners. You can also bring these in with Cineware and run that through this process. It should give interesting results.

If you're buying project files, consider becoming a Patron. At the $5/mo. tier, you get access to project files as they come out and some tutorials also come with additional BTS content showing more of the builds.

Get the project on Gumroad

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