Tutorial 150: Isolated Effects

Joe Clay | Nov 16, 2018

In working with some camera tracked footage, I discovered that there's a checkbox for showing the tracker marks. I wanted to isolate them to mess around with them. So I started by using CC Composite set to difference. Then I changed the markers, and finally I used CC Composite to bring the original footage back.

I've done something similar before, but for some reason I never really explored the technique. That was dumb. This technique can yield interesting effects. Eventually, I started to just use Difference Matte. While you can sometimes use Difference Matte to pull a decent key from footage with a still plate, if it's noisy footage it might not work well. The best part of this is that we're still using the original footage, so it's a perfect matte. This allows us to isolate effects. You can apply an effect straight to another effect, without affecting the rest of the pixels in an image. There's a lot that can be done with this technique. We're just scratching the surface, so again I'm urging you to experiment. See you guys next week! And make sure to grab JSplacement. It's worth paying for.

For more information on manipulating tracking marks see Tutorial 136: Procedural Tracking FUI.

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