Tutorial 205: Animated Pipes

Severo Ojea | Apr 2, 2020

In this tutorial we take a look at creating an interesting loop. We'll make procedural pipes using splines, cloners, and CV Chamfer. This will allow us to create pipes, bend them, put bands around the joints, and move clones through the pipes. It's a simple but powerful setup.

You'll need to make sure you have CV Chamfer installed from Cineversity.

Grab the Project Files

Get the project file through our Gumroad Store. This project file contains everything shown in the tutorial. There are three Cinema files that should work in most recent versions of C4D. One file contains the setup for pipes and elements that move through them. The second file contains a larger setup with cloned sections and the final file contains the full setup.

If you're buying project files, consider becoming a Patron. At the $5/mo. tier, you get access to project files as they come out and some tutorials also come with additional BTS content showing more of the builds.

Get the project on Gumroad

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